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News about Wikipedia and related areas

There are various sources of news about Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation, the organization that supports it and the other Wikimedia projects.


The Wikipedia Signpost
Volume 4, Issue 242008-06-09

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  •, news bulletin about the Wikimedia community sent by e-mail to the announce-l mailing list (formerly weekly, now published at irregular intervals)
  • Wikimedia News. Cross-project news, primarily project milestones.
  • Wikimedia goings-on. More cross-project news.
  • Server admin log. Technical software/hardware news.

Wikimedia Foundation

  • Wikimedia Foundation news. News about the Wikimedia Foundation, the international non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of various Wikimedia Projects.
  • Wikimedia blog

Other news sources

There are also places in Wikipedia and its sister projects that publish articles on current events and the latest world news using Wikimedia software.

Wikipedia news content

Wikimedia news content

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