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Genesis is an English progressive rock band formed in 1967. The band's notable members included Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, both of whom achieved additional success as solo artists and in other ventures. With approximately 150 million albums sold worldwide, Genesis is one of the top 30 highest selling recording artists of all time. Between the 1970s and 1980s, Genesis changed from a progressive art rock band, with complex song structures, elaborate instrumentation, and theatrical live shows to a more pop-oriented band. Genesis' change of musical direction to accessible music with melodic hooks gave them their first UK #1 album, Duke, as well as their only U.S. #1 single, "Invisible Touch". Initially fronted by Peter Gabriel, Genesis has experienced several personnel changes over the years. Collins took over from Gabriel after the latter's departure from the group in 1975. (more...)

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An adult Dunlin (Calidris alpina) in breeding plumage. This bird is one of the most common and best-known waders throughout its breeding and wintering ranges, and it is the species with which other waders tend to be compared.

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